Back To School Tax Holiday, Aug. 1-3

Pensacola, FL- The back to school sales tax holiday—part of the $500 million in tax and fee cuts passed this session-is this weekend, beginning on August 1 and ending on August 3. This sales tax holiday allows families to buy items they would need to gear up for the school year, including school supplies, clothing and electronics.

Rep. Hill commented, “This is just one of the many ways every Floridian can utilize the tax and fee cuts passed during the 2014 Session to their advantage. Please make use of this great opportunity to stock up for school supplies for students of all ages.”

The back to school tax holiday includes clothes, backpacks, shoes and wallets up to $100, specified school supplies under $15 each, and the first $750 of a personal computer or computer-related accessories. Follow this link to See the Department of Revenue's detailed list of tax free items.

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