UPDATE: Structure Fire in Ozark

Ozark, AL - Larry and Virginia Hart have lived on Walding Court for about eight years, but the memories they made here will never be the same.

“It’s devastating, and my little lady is pretty well devastated. But it’s all material. Things could’ve been worse,” said Larry.

Much worse in fact. Larry returned home just as the fire was spreading and called for help.

“I walked in the front did not get past the living room. I couldn’t get in any further because I couldn’t see or breathe,” said Larry.

Ozark firefighters responded within minutes.

“The kitchen was on fire. I knocked that down. I could see the bedroom on fire so I knocked that down. Then we could still hear the fire. Another bedroom was on fire so I knocked that down,” said Ozark Firefighter Dusty Miller.

Ozark Fire Lieutenant Judd Steed, “If the homeowner hadn’t come home when he did the house probably would’ve been a total loss.”

Officials don’t know what caused the fire.

While he’s unsure how much is damaged inside the home, Hart is happy to see one this survived.

“It’s like I told the wife, ‘It’s not the end of the world.’ I’ll build her a bigger and better one. We’ll stand tall and lean forward. That flag you see flying right there, it’ll be flying on another house.”

In the meantime, the couple is happy to have a community to lean on.

Hart says the Red Cross has already offered to help. He also says the home is insured.

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