BP Oil Spill Workshop

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It was a simple message at today's BP oil spill seminar:
Your business didn't have to be on the gulf coast to be negatively impacted by this disaster.

“Any business in the state of Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana are all eligible as well as parts of Florida and Texas.” Attorney Martin Weinberg said.

The ordinary people’s society of Dothan and the law office of martin Weinberg teamed up to give residents of the wiregrass information on the claims process.

“There are different formulas that are used and different calculations to determine if someone can submit a claim.” Weinberg said.

Those in attendance had to fill out a form. From there, they would be notified if they meet certain requirements.

“It can be done in a day or two and then once its submitted, we have to get more information, tax returns and revenue statements and once that’s done, they'll make an offer and it will take some time for that to be processed.” Weinberg said.

“It’s very important to people here because there’s a lot of information that don’t get out to the people unless we bring it directly in the community.” Pastor Kenneth Glasgow said.

Lawyers say if someone does qualify for compensation, it could take a few months before they see a check.

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