Aviation Spouses Day At Fort Rucker

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Being in the army can be very rewarding, but it's also very demanding.
Explaining that to a spouse can be difficult.
That’s why Fort Rucker had aviation spouse’s day.

“It gives the spouses an opportunity to see what their spouses do on a day to day basis when they are training. All the different activities all the pilots have to go through.” Fort Rucker readiness support assistant Leigh Jackson said.

The spouses were split into groups.
They had to go through the same training as their husbands and wives, including avoiding land mines.

“I work at a radio station so the physical aspects are challenging. I’ve drank a lot of water so far, let’s just say that.” Army wife Kelli Green said.

The spouses who participated today say they took on the obstacle courses, like they would any life challenge, they made a plan and found out how to overcome it.

“The trade off is very different from what we do every day.” Army wife Dawn Emmens said.

“It was really difficult.” Green said.

But participants say the challenge has opened their eyes.

“Everyday your spouse comes home and they say they are so tired, so physically exhausted, mentally exhausted. And it just gives you a better picture of what they have to deal with. “Green said.

Green says she thinks anyone struggling with understanding the demands of the army should try this out.

“And I know from this point on it will be a lot easier to relate to him and understand him and why he's so tired. “ Green said.

A bond now shared on and off the training field.
After completing a couple of different courses, the men and women were able to go to their very own graduation ceremony.

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