Automated Trash Trucks Could Be Going Countywide in Houston County

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UPDATED 4:55 p.m.

Houston County Commissioners are in talks of taking automated trash trucks, countywide.

The county has been running a trial in Madrid and they say it's been a success.

Residents say the trash cans that come with the new trucks are much easier to handle.

The new trucks will help save the county thousands of dollars.

"Dothan's had it for quite a while, most people are happy with it, headland's had it, a lot of other areas where there's a track record if you will of citizens being happy with the service," says Chairman of Houston County Commission, Mark Culver.

The new trucks and trash cans will be voted on at Monday's county commission meeting.


Houston County commissioners are looking to approve automated trash trucks for the county.

A trial is already being done in Madrid; Commissioners say they have received good feedback from residents.

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