Authorities Warn Residents of 'Fed;Ex' Scam

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The Bay County Sheriff’s Office issued an alert today about an email scam that has been received in our area.

The email claims to be from FedEx. But upon closer examination, the actual name of the business on the email is Fed;Ex. The email informs the recipient that a package could not be delivered but is waiting for pick up at the nearest Fed;Ex Office. All that is required for pickup is for the recipient to print the shipment label attached and bring it with them.

Once the victim prints the label, a virus is launched on the victim’s computer, and steals the victim’s personal and financial information. The goal is Identity Theft.

Authorities want residents who receive this fraudulent email to delete it and not to print or open any attachments.

Additional information on this scam can be found at the legitimate FedEx website at

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