Attempted Kidnapper at Large

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Police are working to track down a man they believe tried to kidnap a child in Dothan last week.

It was a quiet day at Lavista Mobile Estates. but early Friday morning, screams erupted at unit 6D06.
Sergeant Philip Rice says, "We don't have a description of the face and all we really have is the height and weight and that he was wearing all black."

An intruder was inside the home.

"He entered through a window and tried to leave with a juvenile," says Sgt. Rice.

The juvenile 14-year old girl. When the suspect tried to carry her out of the home, her little sister woke up.
The man made it through the front door, but before he could get any further, the sister yelled and was able to get their parents' attention.

Once the parents came out and became involved, the suspect dropped the girl. She was left on the front steps with only minor scrapes and bruising. Her attempted kidnapper was nowhere to be seen.
The family was unable to describe his complexion, hair style, and direction of travel. The suspect is still at large.

"This is something that doesn't happen very often but the fact that it did happen is cause for great concern," says Sgt. Rice.

It was cause for such great concern that Dothan police went door to door at Lavista on Friday. They asked neighbors if they had seen anything but the description is still minimal.

The suspect is a black male, between 5'9" 5'10" in height, approximately 180 pounds. Police are working to find the man before he strikes again. As the community fights fears of those possibilities, the victim's family is grateful the kidnapping didn't go any further.

If you have information about the case or suspect's identity, call Dothan Police Department at 615-3000.

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