Aspiring Models Beware

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A picture is worth a thousand words, but knowing who your photographer is, is more important than landing in a high fashion magazine.

According to photographer Cindi McDaniel, recent solicitations on Facebook and emails raise concerns for her.

"They really need to know, that they're working with an experience professional, and not some creepo, with a camera, that's just wanting to take pictures of pretty girls," says local Photographer Cindi McDaniel.

Pictures that may not be flattering for an aspiring model.

"We have a lot of girls in the area that aspire to be models, and I think they are kind of preyed upon a little bit, by the photographers, that may not be necessarily in this for the right reasons," says local Photographer Cindi McDaniel.

It's a predatory situation that the Dothan Police Department is warning parents about as well.

"We know often the younger generation there is hopes for a modeling careers which are reputable and great careers, but there are also a lot of room for predators to come in and pose as a would be model agent," says Sgt. Rachel David.

According to police and McDaniel it's simple to do a little bit of research before placing your child in an unsafe environment.

"Anytime you do anything with any type of business you should check business licensing, for the company with which you're participating," says Sgt. Rachel David.

"I think if your daughter's being contacted out of the blue on Facebook, that's a red flag, if she is being asked to go to someone's home after hours, that's a red flag," says local Photographer Cindi McDaniel.

A warning that could be the difference between a successful career and a tainted image.

Police also say be willing to see personal references before booking your child with a photographer or any modeling company.

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