Asbestos Abatement Underway at Saints Apartments

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DOTHAN, AL--Crews spent Tuesday morning ripping, tarring and scraping away hazardous material.

"We wet it first to keep the dust down then we take it off and out it in sealed bags and dispose of it," said crew worker Isaac Childs.

"This abatement is something that is important and has to happen. It's just one last obstacle as we move forward," said DDRA executive Director Jansen Tidmore.

Jansen Tidmore is referring to the asbestos crews are removing from Saints Apartments.

"The abatement is the next logical step tomorrow (Wednesday) we have a DDRA board meeting and the county will bring their proposal before us and we will discuss it and look at it, said Tidmore, and everything looks as if it's going to move forward with demolition."

Residents were given an April move out notice, Tidmore says majority of them seem to be out.

"I left a second note last week and I talked with 2 or 3 of the tenants that were talking to be out by the end of this week."

Tidmore says the removal isn't in the area those residents live in and shouldn't affect them.

Crews are expected to finish today.
County officials say they want to use the space to expand a parking lot and relocate the county's maintenance department.

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