"Art Around Dothan" to be Installed by Friday

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You may notice some construction going on around Dothan, but it's not what you think.

Outdoor, large scale art, certainly grabs your attention.

"Reaching the community, we're reaching people that maybe we usually wouldn't reach within the museum walls," Wiregrass Museum of Art Curator Dana Lemmer said.

The Wiregrass Museum of art is prepping their "Art Around Dothan" project.

The exhibition will feature 20 sculptures across the circle city, by Artist David Hayes.

"Anytime you can take quality art and put it outside of museum walls where anybody can look at it, they can see it on their way to work or on their way to go shopping. They can decide what they want to decide about it on their own terms," David Hayes Jr. said.

Hayes was known as the man of steel, his pieces vary in size, shape and color.

"What's nice is seeing those reactions as the work first goes up. You get a lot of wonderful comments, curious comments little kids literally walking up to the sculptures with eyes ablaze," Hayes Jr. said.

Hayes' work travels from city to city across the country, with his son who carries on his legacy.

"Nothing makes me happier than just loading up the truck and coming to a new place and planting my dad’s sculptures," Hayes Jr. said.

"If you can take art, just put it into places where people already work and live that's a positive thing," Hayes Jr. said.

They'll start installing the sculptures Wednesday and they should all be up by Friday.

The installation will stay in Dothan for a year.

Sculpture locations:
Three in the Wiregrass Museum of Art
One at the Dothan Civic Center
Two on North Foster St.
Three on Wallace Community College’s Campus
Three on Troy University’s Dothan Campus
Five at the Dothan Botanical Gardens
One at Westgate Park
One at Solomon Park
One at the Doug Tew Recreation Center