Arrive Alive Tour Stops at Vernon High School

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VERNON, FL--Imagine getting two citations in the same day.
One for DUI and another for texting while driving.

That's what happened to students at Vernon High School Friday.

"I won't drink and drive if I have to drive like that," said Vernon HS senior Zakarious Green.

"It was pretty bad," said Vernon HS senior Chelsea Burke.

"It was terrible I crashed in 5 seconds," said Green.

The students put on virtual glasses in order to get a real feel for how it is if they text and drive or drink and drive.

"You actually use the gas pedal and brake and steering wheel, we have sensors hooked up to it," explained UNITE International Instructor Charles Burke.

"The drunk driving it was harder to control the steering wheel because it had a delay and my vision was blurred so i was swerving a lot," said Vernon HS 11th Grader Wesley Hall.

"A lot of students get out and say wow, they don't realize when they're texting and driving mostly how much their eyes are off the road," said Burke.

"It was about as hard as the drunk driving because I'm looking back and forward between the phone and the road," explained Hall.

Charles Burke the 'Arrive Alive' instructor says it may seem fun to the students but he hopes the message is clear.

"Even if we get across to one kid, if it saves one kid's life it's worth it to me," added Burke.

The initiative to get teens to drive safely is very common right now. Just last week the state unveiled a toolkit to get pediatricians on board as well.

The 'Arrive Alive' simulator will visit Chipley High School Monday.

If you're interested in having the program at your school you can call UNITE International at 1-888-436-3394.

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