Army Tuition Assistance Website Reactivated

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The Army's Tuition Assistance program has been reinstated with the online enrollment system reactivated this morning. Meanwhile, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guard are waiting for the official restart of their programs.

Congress mandated the branches reactivate the suspended program as part of the defense appropriations bill passed in March but while the Pentagon said it would comply with the order, actually restarting the TA process took about a month.

The Army, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard cancelled the popular Tuition Assistance programs due to budget cuts from sequestration, prompting an outrage from Congressional leaders, military members and veterans groups. The Navy did not suspend its program.

The Army's website,, reactivated Tuition Assistance enrollments and payments this morning. Tuition Assistance pays for $250 per semester hour with a fiscal year cap of $4,500 for service members seeking college, associates or trade degrees.

"This will allow soldiers to request Tuition Assistance for the remainder of Fiscal Year 2013," the Army announced on its website.

The Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard are expected to restart their application and payment process soon. Some 300,000 service members used the Tuition Assistance program last year, according to the Pentagon.

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