Army Deployment Fort Rucker

Maj. Gen. James McConville, front left, speaks to troops from the 101st Airborne Division on Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2013, as they prepare to leave Fort Campbell, Ky., for a yearlong deployment to Afghanistan. McConville says the division has to be agile and adaptive as they set the stage for the 2014 withdrawal of U.S. combat forces. (AP Photo/Kristin M. Hall)
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Nine soldiers are heading to Kuwait as part of operation enduring freedom.

Chief warrant officer Steven Hess attachment officer in charge
“We are sending out another special repair activity team it’s the number 21.” Chief warrant officer Steven Hess said.

“See ya’ll when I get back.”

“They are going straight to Kuwait and they will be mobilizing there to support operations in Afghanistan.” Hess said.

For some, this will be their first deployment, but they have an experienced leader to count on.

“This is my second time deploying the last time I was deployed I went to Iraq.” First Class Latasha Williams said.

Williams says her group has been preparing for this deployment for awhile.

“You get mentally prepared for the separation from your family being I’m a single soldier I just make sure my soldiers are prepared.” Williams said.

And she says she isn't worried about the soldiers adjusting to the mission.

“As a soldier we are used to adapting day by day, so when I get to where we are going its just going to be another transition.“ Williams said.

“Most soldiers are very proud to go and handle their mission.” Hess said.

“Because we are deploying as a small team. It is a close knit family.” Williams said.

A family that Williams says will do great work and continue to keep their country safe.

The group will be heading back to the states in October.
Until then, the army will provide support for their families by holding spouse dinners and family readiness groups.

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