Ariton Community Preserving Lifetime of Memories Between Covers of a Book

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ARITON -- For three years, a committee of 13 Ariton residents, both present and past, have worked together and with the community to write down and collect the town's history and memories.

Beginning in March 2011, they started their journey of writing a book, "Ariton: Where Two Rail Roads Collided," and it is in one of its final stages of completion. Committee members are hopeful that it will be back from the publishers by next month.

On Friday, some lifelong residents shared their memories and reasons why this book is important to Ariton.

"I want my kids, my grandkids, all of them to have the history and be able to give it to their kids," Thomas W. Metcalf said.

Longtime Ariton teacher Mary Paramore said this community holds her whole heart.

"I spent 57 years at the high school here and I've never lived more than two miles from here my whole life," Paramore said.

Some committee members who do not have quite as many years in said that they want to document the older generation's memories before they are gone.

"I love the fact that they will be able to look at a book and read about stories of Ariton, about old businesses, history of the school and certain families," Ariton High School Principal Ben Baker said.

The book is on pre-sale now for $35.00 and you can purchase those from the members on the committee.

There will also be a community release party once the book is ready but the date has not yet been set.