Argentina: Rescue Workers Assist People Trapped by Mudslides

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Rescue teams rushed to evacuate hundreds of people in the western Argentine province of Mendoza on Sunday (February 10) after massive mudslides enveloped a 6 miles swathe of land close to the Chilean border.

Officials said that heavy rains set off the multiple landslides that shut down a large section of highway number seven, the route connecting Argentina and Chile.

Mendoza governor, Francisco Perez, said that while the damage from the slides was significant, no one was injured.

"More than 20 landslides have crossed over route 7 in a 6 mile section going as far as Polvaredas and more than 35 vehicles were covered from the slides. We have rescued 84 people. It has truly been a national misfortune but thank god no one was injured or killed," said Perez.

Helicopters, trucks, and heavy equipment were brought into the affected areas as part of the cleanup and rescue efforts.

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