Area School Accused of Having Segregated Classes

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A controversy is brewing in one area school district.

A City Councilwoman and veteran teacher say classes are being racially segregated in Troy.

DeJerilyn King Henderson sent a letter to elected officials in the Troy City School System and the U.S. Department of Justice.

She says in her 33 years at Troy Elementary School, she taught several classrooms with only African American children.

"I questioned it several times, and I was told by the administration that the reason that no white children or Caucasian in my classrooms was because parents made requests. If the white parents didn't request me, they were not going to put white children in my classroom," said Henderson.

City School Superintendent Lee Hicks says the policy isn’t about race but about parental choice.

He also says the school system is fully integrated. School Officials say the policy of letting parents request their children’s teachers has been in place for several years and is allowed in many other school systems.

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