Area River Levels & Flood Stages Thu Apr 10 Morning Update

Latest information as of 2:00 am edt Thursday Apr 10 -

For the WTVY-TV coverage area -

IMPORTANT - river crest forecasts are often revised, so these forecast river levels are likely to change...

R = river.. C = creek.. FS = flood stage...
FL = forecast level... CL = current level...

The following are ABOVE or forecast to rise ABOVE Flood Stage:

Pea R Ariton..(Ala).. FS 14'.. CL 16.2' - Falling
Choctawhatchee R Newton (Ala).. FS 19'.. CL 22.5- Falling
Choctawhatchee R Geneva (Ala).. FS 23'.. FL 24' – Thu Apr 10
Choctawhatchee R Caryville (Fla).. FS 12'.. FL 15' - Sat Apr 12
Choctawhatchee R Bruce/Ebro (Fla).. FS 13'.. FL 16.5' - Mon Apr 14
Apalachicola R Blountstown (Fla).. FS 15'.. FL 22.3' - Sat Apr 12
Spring C Iron City (Ga).. FS 16'.. FL 16.3' - Thu Apr 10

The following are BELOW or forecast to stay BELOW Flood Stage:

Pea R Elba (Ala).. FS 30'.. CL 20' - Steady
Shoal R Crestview (Fla).. FS 8'.. CL 7.7' - Cresting
Shoal R Mossy Head (Fla).. FS 14'.. CL 9.4' - Falling
Chipola R Marianna (Fla)..FS 19'.. FL 13.8' - Fri Apr 11
Chipola R Altha (Fla).. FS 22'.. CL 17.6' – Falling
Flint R Bainbridge (Ga).. FS 25'.. FL 24.8' - Fri Apr 11

REMEMBER - please stay informed if you live or are near any rivers or creeks.

When FLOODING is a threat -

Protect yourself and your loved ones first - belongings and property second. Have a plan of action should water rise close to you.

Keep an eye on your children and pets and prevent them from approaching any stream - the water is fast, powerful and easily could sweep them away.

DON'T drive on roadways where you cannot see the road...the road may be washed out or the water deep enough (often less than a foot of water may be enough to float your vehicle away).

Please PAY UTMOST ATTENTION to specific flood warnings for your area, and if you are affected, please don't wait until the last minute to leave.

Please note the following when looking at river / creek levels and forecasts-

1) River levels may fluctuate in the short term. When a river is rising, PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to the river forecasts...

2) River level forecasts are constantly changing because recent rain is added to the computer forecast model AND short term future forecast rains are included - BUT they are just that - FORECASTS, NOT ACTUAL RAINFALL...therefore, the river forecasts are updated every few hours to reflect ongoing changes...

3) Just because a river has crested does NOT mean it will start dropping immediately - the river may remain steady for hours, possibly days or fall very slowly.

Oscar Fann WTVY - TV meteorologist

•Outlook for Thu Apr 10 thru Tue Apr 15...

A rain free forecast exists through Sunday Apr 13...
Next rain likely late day Monday Apr 14…more likely Tuesday Apr 15…
1 to 2 inches could fall at that time…

For specific crest levels and timing of these crests, please consult
the NWS website at