Are you Still Under Budget for Your Christmas Shopping?

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This grandmother may not look like Santa but she certainly has a list and is checking it twice.

"To hopefully get everything I need so I can go home and wrap," says Beany Pratt.

But before the toys for her grandchildren are wrapped, Baeny's making sure she stays within budget.

"It's thirty five....hmmmm not that steep," says Beany Pratt.

"It probably went out the window. And why is that? Because grandbabies," says Beany Pratt.

She and her daughter Wendy are looking for sales, sales, sales!!!

"I actually haven't spent as much as I thought I was going to spend, I went under budget, and I think I was probably budgeting four hundred dollars per child at the most," says Beny Pratt.

And retail store management says they're seeing people wanting those sales even though black Friday is long over.

"Well, of course everyone is looking for a good deal with the economy, but they'll come in and say what do you have in this price point?," says Kmart Customer Service Associate Amy Powell.

Sleigh bells aren't the only thing ringing during this season, so are the cash registers.

“We're seeing you know the shopping picking up a lot, and it's been steady we are selling a lot of merchandise," says Kmart Manager Robert Ferguson.

Items Baeny Pratt and her daughter are hoping to put under their tree this Christmas.

According to the average American will spend about $850.00 on a family of four this holiday season.

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