Animal Safety Tips

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Squirrels, bats, armadillo,s beaver, otters, wildcats, foxes, snakes, skunks and possums.

All of those animals live in Alabama, but some aren't as friendly as others.

"Generally if you are seeing nighttime animals during the daytime raccoons, foxes especially they can carry rabies so if they are doing strange behavior that they shouldn't be or being extra friendly or coming around when they are not supposed to be then they are probably sick and they need to be seen," said Lee Fry, owner of The Critter Getter.

As the weather gets warmer people are more likely to come in contact with some wildlife.

"I had one where a snake was trying to get into somebody's home because there were rats and squirrels inside them home," said Fry.

Experts say if you come in contact with an wild animal, you shouldn't fight them but keep your distance and call officials.

"Generally I have to locate how and when they are getting into peoples homes and I would have to seal those first then I would install traps over those holes," said Fry.

Fry will then release the trapped animals back into the their natural habitat.

"Unless there is something wrong with them, like the rabies vector species then they need to be put down. My permit requires me to do that," said Fry.

And rabies isn't the only thing to look out for.

"One thing to watch out for is snakes in your garden poisonous are know to come around and non poisonous and it is hard for normal people to tell the difference ," said Fry.

Although these animals may be furry and cute, remember they could be dangerous.

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