Angry Birds Star Wars Launches November 8th for 99 Cents

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The latest version of the successful casual gaming franchise Angry Birds joins forces with the extremely popular science fiction franchise of Star Wars.

On November 8th, Angry Birds Star Wars was released a multitude of platforms including iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, PC (personal computers), Macintosh (Apple computers), and Windows Phone.

Rovio’s latest Angry Birds installment only costs 99 cents on most of these platforms.

The Angry Birds franchise is in the puzzle genre, and this installment features the Rebel Alliance (the protagonists of Star Wars) as birds with the Galactic Empire (the antagonists of Star Wars) as pigs.

The player launches a bird to try to topple a structure and vanquish all of the birds on the screen in the process.

There is also tie-in merchandise, such as Angry Birds Star Wars plushies and clothing.

Recently, a collection of the first three Angry Birds video games was released on the Nintendo 3DS and Microsoft X-Box 360 platforms.

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