Angie's List: Long-term Benefits of Maintaining Your Car

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Regular maintenance on your car keeps it running smoothly, but when you are ready to sell your car, the upkeep of your vehicle’s appearance can be just as important as how well it drives.

“Not only are the mechanics of your car important to be maintained but also the appearance. Many people don’t even think about that, but when it comes down to reselling your car, you want to make sure your car looks nice so you get a better return on it,” explained Angie Hicks of Angie’s List.

In addition to having a nice looking car, there are benefits of keeping up with your car’s exterior.

“Dirt, snow, rain all of those things settling on the car can cause harm to the finish,” said Roderick Darring, owner of a detailing business.
Soap and water can protect your car from the outdoor elements but if you want to protect the interior of your car from your passengers you may need to get some professional help.

“When hiring an auto detailer you want to make sure you have someone that is trustworthy. Because lets face it you are giving them the keys to your car. Additionally you want to know what kind of experience they have and also what products they will be using because you want to make sure they are using," said Hicks.
Detailing packages vary in price and in intensity so it is important to get to know your cars needs and what services you detailer can provide.

"We do a thorough vacuuming underneath the seats and get down in all of the nooks and cranies including the trunk area and then we literally lather up everything and scrub it with anti-bacterial soap,” said Darring.

While it can be expensive, getting your car detailed can you give a beautiful car now and value to enjoy in the future.