Angie's List: Simple Bathroom Updates

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Do you have a bathroom with pink tiles or a blue bathtub? While a full-scale bathroom remodel costs tens of thousands of dollars, in this Angie's List report, Tessa Darlington explains little updates like changing the grout color or refinishing the tub can make a big difference with a little bit of money.

Catherine Young finally realized her cleaning skills weren't the problem.

"When I moved here, you can see the tile, it's a stone tile. It was grouted in a gray and over the years without realizing it the gray started getting darker so I became more desperate and I tried more products," Young said.

She decided to go with one of four simple bathroom updates: getting her grout re-done.

"It just gives the bathroom a new look. It almost looks like they installed new tile by having their grout refurbished. Cost-wise it's a lot cheaper than it is to tearing it out," Chris Uhland, a contractor, said.

"And it was very inexpensive, very inexpensive choice for something that has a dramatic change in how it looked," Young said.

There are other ways to get that "wow" factor in your bathroom without flushing your budget down the toilet.

"Oftentimes the focal point of the bathroom is the toilet, let's face it. And for about $200 you can buy a new toilet that will not only help from an appearance standpoint but also be a more efficient model," Angie's List Founder Angie Hicks said.

Another idea? Refinishing or re-glazing your bathtub.

"It's a really nice alternative because bathtubs as well as tile over the years they get scoured, stains, and tile becomes porous. It's a nice alternative to replacing everything," Paul Dickerson, a contractor, said.

Finally, a fourth simple fix just requires a quick trip to the hardware store and a little bit of handy man skills. Changing faucets and other bathroom fixtures can make an outdated space look more modern.

Most of these updates will cost you a few hundred dollars, compared to a complete remodel that could run you in the thousands.

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