Andalusia Cutting Back on Power During Peak Cold Temperatures

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ANDALUSIA, AL - Due to record, extreme cold temperatures, our electric power production and distribution system, as well as that for the whole region and country, will be stressed to maximum levels because of unusually high demand for electricity. As a result, please make every effort to conserve electricity today, tonight and through Wednesday noon to insure that we make it through the extreme conditions without anyone losing service. Please turn off all unnecessary lights and other electric appliances when not in use and postpone using electric powered devices for a couple of days when possible. Working together, we can avoid any interruption in electric service during this extreme event. Temperatures are expected to moderate by Wednesday noon.

The City of Andalusia is cutting back on power usage by discontinuing street lighting and other such lights that are not absolutely necessary. So, if you see a street light that is not illuminated, that may be because that light is intentionally turned off. It will be turned on again after this cold system has passed.

Also, you may want to consider leaving a small stream of water running in one sink at home tonight and tomorrow night to prevent pipes from freezing.

Thank you for your cooperation and please take precautions necessary to insure the safety of loved ones and pets during the next couple of days. Please use caution with regard to the operation of temporary or additional heat, especially space heaters. These heaters are extremely dangerous when not used properly and can cause deadly fires.

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