An Orange Reminder from the Spectra-Care Health Systems Coalition

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The next time you buy alcohol in Dale County, you may see something different.

Orange stickers are being put on alcohol in stores across the county.

It is an effort by a Spectra-Care Health Systems coalition.

The orange stickers are to remind adults of the law when it comes to buying alcohol for minors.

So far around 15 stores have agreed to be a part of the safe store program.

There are nearly 40 stores in Dale County that sell alcohol.

The coalition hopes all of them will sign the pledge to help prevent underage drinking.

"We have actually have not had any stores so far tell us no. They have been very cooperative with us," said Coalition Coordinator Candy Gaff . "And invited us in fact to come back as often as we would like."

"There is a reason the drinking age is 21, their minds are not developed to make sound decisions. The decision you make today will affect you the rest of your life," said
Wally Olson, Dale County Sheriff.

If you are caught buying alcohol for a minor you could see hundreds of dollars in fines.

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