An Inside Look at Northview High School's JROTC Program

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Northview’s JROTC program weekly schedule may sound demanding, but if you talk with the students, they say there is more about the program than meets the eye.

“People have a lot of stereotypes about ROTC that we are all about the military and that we are just going to yell at you and scream at you and tell you to do pushups,” explained Monica Green the Battalion Commander at Northview and State Alabama JROTC Officer’s Association President.

Green has been a part of the JROTC program at Northview High School since she was a freshman; she says her time in JROTC has taught her more about life than the military.

“I have learned a lot of it from the program, just by the leaders that have come before me. I wanted to be the best that I can in everything you do,” said Green.

Northview’s program doesn’t directly affiliate with any specific military branch; instead it keeps its focus on the students.

“We recruit them to be just high school students that are in a military program that teaches them leadership mostly, that is what the program is all about,” says Major Danny Odom, Senior Marine Instructor.

Green has taken advantage of the leadership opportunities, she is the first ever state ROTC career state Officer, but her successor, William Irvin, is following in her footsteps. According to Odom, Irvin is the second State President and it is a rarity to have two Presidents from the same school and behind one another.

But in the end, the program is all about helping students figure out their next step after high school by giving them the skills they need.
There are currently 173 Northview students enrolled in the JROTC chapter. In addition to their regular school week each week they have drill, work on academics, and have a uniform inspection.

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