American Red Cross Assisting Families Affected by Dale Co. Hostage Situation

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala., February 4, 2013 - The American Red Cross is assisting those affected by the standoff situation in Midland City, Alabama where a man is holding a five year old boy hostage in a bunker. The standoff is now in its sixth day.

The Red Cross is providing the following services to those affected.
-Lodging for families that are evacuated
-Disaster mental health counseling for families affected
-Canteen services (providing water, snacks, and coffee) for emergency personnel at the site
The Red Cross stands ready to assist with feeding in the event it is needed.

While the American Red Cross is widely known for responding to natural and weather related disasters, our staff and volunteers assist in manmade emergencies where human suffering might occur. The Red Cross works closely with emergency personnel and first responders to determine the most effective and efficient ways of meeting the needs of those affected by natural and manmade emergencies.

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