Ambulance Paramedics Step up to Help South Dale County

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On October 31st, Ozark stopped providing emergency medical service to three South Dale County cities. Pilcher’s Ambulance Service in Dothan volunteered to take over for 30 days, but that deadline is now three days away.

However, the mayors of Newton, Pinckard, and Midland City said a solution is still in the works—which means those areas could be without ambulance service starting next week. Yet, Pilcher’s employees said they will not let that happen.

“Even if it's one person that needs an ambulance, then yes there is a need, because if you don't have it there, when you do need it, it could be a critical situation,” said Jason Trammell, Operations Manager at Pilcher’s Ambulance Service.

Trammell said they will continue service pass the deadline if needed. The mayors are expecting to have a solution next week.

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