Santiago Alonso Trial Begins

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DOTHAN, AL -- The trial is underway in Dothan for a man facing multiple felony charges, including human trafficking. Santiago Alonso "Santiagito" Alonso is charged with human trafficking, marijuana possession and distribution of drugs.

Alonso was arrested last August and accused of holding a 17-year-old girl captive at a Dothan motel. Investigators say he kidnapped the victim in Mississippi and forced her to engage in drugs and prostitution.

Alonso has pleaded not guilty to all three charges. His lawyers claim the girl has made up the entire story.

Jury selection was completed on Monday morning, with the trial resuming at 2 p.m. The prosecution has already sent three witnesses to the stand, including the victim, a registered nurse at Southeast Alabama Medical Center and a phlebotomist at SAMC.

Butch Binford is the presiding judge in the trial.

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