Alleged Mexican Drug Cartel Member Accused of Alabama Murder

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A man arrested for one murder confesses to committing more than 30 others.

Authorities say Jose Manuel Martinez was a hit man for Mexican drug cartels. A cigarette butt left at the scene of a 2006 murder in Florida led detectives to Martinez.

He was also wanted in Alabama for an unrelated murder.
Martinez was picked up in Arizona, and is now in an Alabama jail.
Martinez confessed to detectives, that he's killed more than thirty people in the past thirty years.

His reason…it was his job.

"That's how he fed his family. That's how he explained it. If he didn't do the job someone else would do it," said Detective T.J. Watts.

Martinez said he was a debt collector for the mexican drug cartels.

He would keep 25-percent of what he collected from over-due dealers and then kill them.

He's been linked to 2-murders in Florida, at least 11 in California, one in Alabama and possibly one in Illinois.

Detectives say there may be more.

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