All Major Roads in Walton County Open at this Time

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The National Weather Service (NWS) in Tallahassee has extended the flash flood watch until Friday, July 5 at 7 a.m.

Additional rainfall amounts of four to eight inches are possible through Friday morning, with locally higher amounts exceeding 1-foot. This is on top of the 5 to 10 inches that have already occurred since Tuesday. The greatest threat is from Jefferson county Florida westward, in Florida, and in southeast Alabama, as this region has reported the heaviest rain so far, and appears to be the region in line for even more heavy rain through Friday morning.

Areas that will be most prone to flash flooding include cities, and low lying areas near rivers, streams, and creeks.

Precautionary/preparedness actions, a flash flood watch means that conditions may develop that lead to flash flooding. Flash flooding is a very dangerous situation. You should monitor later forecasts and be prepared to take action should flash flood warnings be issued.
Please use extreme caution while driving. Current conditions of roads are listed below.

South End of Walton County

1.) CO Hwy 30A West end. Water is over the RD in several different areas of 30A.
2.) Church ST Approx. 1/10 of a mile from US Hwy 98 is washed out. Approximately 8-10 inches of water on Church ST.
3.) Central 8th ST. Flooding
4.) CO Hwy 393 South a couple of areas is under water, but still passable.
5.) Hotz Ave are of the Red Bar has approx. 2 inches of water.
6.) US 98 & 30A East West Bnd outside lane has water standing
7.) Apostle’s Way is under water.
8.) CO Hwy 283 & Logan Lane is flooding
9.) Traffic on US Hwy 98 from CO Hwy 393 to Wal-Mart is at a standstill. Backed up all the way to the Co line.
10.) CO Hwy 30A East of Lakewood is underwater approx. an inch.
11.) Church St at Duffy Land is underwater approx. 6 inch.
12.) 264 S Wall St, the beach access #3. Caller advised the RD has washed away approx. 15x4. The sand is also washing away. Public works has been notified.
13.) Chat Holly & Rhodes Cove has approx. 8 inches of water over the road.
14.) 254 South CO Hwy 393 has flooding in the parking lot of Sandle Beach Town Homes.
15.) New-Wood Beach DR adv water from the wetlands is approx. 15ft from her house.
16.) 140 Montigo Ave…Homeowners advised they are flooded in, advised the road is completely under water. Approx. 2 -3ft of water.
17.) 30A at Summerset Bridge has water standing on the road way.
18.) Quincy Circle on the West side is approximately a foot under water.
19.) West Bnd lane on US Hwy 98 in the area of Forestry has standing water.
20.) 195 Pelayo Rd caller advised there is heavy flooding.

North End of Walton County

1.) Indian Creek Ranch Rd is still closed.
2.) Mosley Lane/ Bob Sikes is washing.
3.) State Hwy 81 & Willie Ward Rd is under water in several areas.
Signs have been put out.
4.) Freeport-Steelfield area.
5.) Freeport-Business 331 is under water in several places. Signs have been put out. Heavy water in the area of Business 331 & Industrial Park RD. (Water has receded in the area of 331 Business & Industrial Park).
6.) Freeport-Lagrange and US Hwy 331. DOT working on placing signs.
7.) Freeport- South Jackson ST on the south side the ditch is flooded and running over.
8.) Freeport-Kylea Laird and Hwy 20 in the turning lane is under water.
9.) New-Freeport-Joe Dugger is under water, washed out and impassable. Barricades are enroute.
10.) Freeport-Henry Laird Park is under water. City of Freeport has blocked at this time.
11.) Freeport- Water at 4-mile bridge is aprox 2-4 feet away from bridge on State Hwy 20.
12.) Freeport- River Rd is covered in water in several places. 3-4 inches deep, the boat ramp is also flooded.
13.) McKinnon Bridge Road; water is beginning to flow over the road in the area of the double bridges.
14.) Freeport-Bunker Rd / Steelfield Road: Water over road in numerous locations; road is impassable at this time; signs have been put in place.
15.) Four Mile Rd/East Bay Loop. The lift pump light was on. Water was coming out of the sanitary sewer man hole onto the road, approx. 100 yards from East Bay Loop. City of Freeport has been notified.
16.) Freeport-CO Hwy 3280 & US Hwy 331 water is over the road way.

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