Alabama's New Medical College Brings The Community Together

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This opening marks one of only three medical colleges in the state of Alabama.

The attendees today were amazed at what they saw.
From the latest equipment to the cutting edge classrooms, Faculty, students and the community have a lot to be excited about.
The opening ceremony attendees had a lot to say.

"Everything is state of the art, it's brand new. I can't wait to be a student here. Everything is going to be mine."

"We're just so glad to be able to do this here in Houston county and we're just looking forward to doing more."

"My fiance is also in medical school at lee college and he's like this is not like our school...So I'm like yeah..this is my school."

"'s one of the attractions, the new technology..the new ways of teaching..we're cutting edge here."

"You toured the medical facility..what do you think of it...It's pretty awesome..what do you like about it..the simulation sweet with the she can actually have babies and that's cool."

"We've made history here today...And when the community can work together...And the business community can work together...Dothan we can do anything."

The college is not only beneficial for the medical field but is also helping to bring the community together.

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