Alabama's Flu Season

The flu season continues to remain high across the nation. State health officials usually see flu season take off in January or February, but this year it spiked in November. Hospitals across the state have had full emergency rooms due to this year's influenza.

Officials said they've seen a five percent increase of flu cases since last year. While that number may seem low, they said the normal amount is a one or two percent increase.

A sure way to dramatically reduce your risk of getting the flu is to get vaccinated. It takes about two weeks for the vaccine to take effect, but doctors tell patients it is not too late. Doctors also say washing your hands is crucial.

"Hand washing, hand washing, and hand washing. It's the single most important thing short of vaccination that we can do to reduce the risk of transmission,” stressed Dr. Don Williamson, a state health official.

Alabama is fortunate enough to not have the problems other states are seeing. State health officials want patients to know there is plenty of the vaccine left and they are monitoring our flu season very closely. If you are feeling sick at all and think you may have the flu, doctors urge you to stay home.

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