Alabama State Troopers Pushing "Move Over" Law

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The Florida and Georgia Highway Patrol have asked Alabama Troopers to join them in their campaign to get drivers to "move over".

The law requires drivers who see first responders on the side of the road, to get into the opposite lane.

"I’ve been a state trooper as of today, fifteen years" Alabama trooper sergeant Steve Jarrett said.

Sergeant Steve Jarrett says in those fifteen years he has seen too many troopers become victims of drivers who aren't paying attention.

"It’s usually a totaled out patrol car, but there have been troopers who have been severely injured, lost limbs you know lifelong injuries, and across the nation since 1999 over 170 police officers have lost their lives due to being struck by traffic on the side of the road." Jarrett said.

Jarrett says troopers from the tri-state area are working to spread the word about the campaign.

"The main goal is to educate the public about the move over law in order to protect our first responders." Jarrett said.

"Moving over" for first responders includes police officers, firefighters, ambulances, E-M-T’s and even tow trucks.
The campaign aims to educate drivers, rather than just enforcing the law.

"While they are keeping you safe, we want to keep them safe." Jarrett said.

It can get costly if you continue to disobey this law.
Fines start at twenty five dollars.
However, there are court costs attached.
Additional violations after the first offense come with an increased fine.

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