Alabama Teacher School Safety Survey

The safety of Alabama public schools is a current topic of great importance to all public schools, teachers, students and employees as well as parents of school age children and the general public.

An important voice on this topics is the classroom teacher.

The Capital Survey Research Center (CSRC) completed a survey of 699 teachers asking them: how safe they believe their schools now are; what they think is not safe; what safety and security measure they now have; what safety and security incidents they have experienced; what proposals they would offer to make schools safer; and, how they feel about a range of proposals that have been made.

Attached for your information and use are copies of Top Lines, a Summary of findings, a copy of the complete report, and a set of graphics of the data.

While most teachers feel their school is now safe, they believe their school can be made safer through enhanced facility security, planning, training and security officers.

See attached for Full Report.

Teacher School Safety Survey (13007)
January 22-23, 28-29, 2013
699 Active Teachers
SME +/-3.6%


School Safety. Most teachers feel their school is now safe. Overwhelmingly, the reasons teachers feel their school is not safe are unsecure doors and unrestricted access to the school.

School Safety Measures. Most schools have a broad range of security measures now in place.

Security Incidents. About a third of the teachers reported they had experienced one or more safety or security incidents over the past three years. Most of these involved parent custody disputes or other parent or family member related incidents. Most of these occurred in large schools and in large cities.

School Safety and Teacher Proposals to Increase School Safety. Most teachers believe some things are needed to make their school safer and more secure.

Teacher Support of Proposals to Make School Safer Internally. The strongest support for proposals to make the school safer include planning, training and reporting. A majority of teachers support armed security officers.

Teacher Support of Proposals to Make School Safer Externally. The strongest support for proposals to make the school safer externally include background checks, report on mental patients, and restrictions on sell of guns and clips.

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