Alabama Restaurant Week

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Eight local restaurants are participating and say, the deals are somewhat priceless.

Alabama restaurant week is now thru Sunday August 25th and restaurants are offering special deals.

"We're doing our famous beef brisket sandwich on a ciabatta roll with your choice of side and a glass of tea or coke, " says Donna Balzaratti, Co-Owner of Basketcase.

"For dinner we're having two drinks, two sandwiches and two cookies, " says David Perez, Owner of Momma Goldsberg's Deli.

"Seafood steak combinations, then we have pork combinations, with ribs and pork so just good specials, " says Jackson Whaley, Owner of BBQ Shack.

All for prices, owners say, customers will appreciate.

"We're always eager to show off what the Southeastern corner of Alabama has to offer, " says Balzaratti.

Restaurant owners say events like restaurant week are really good for business but they are also really good for Dothan.

"Anytime you can do something like this and open it up to the public it's definitely a plus, " says Perez.

"Business picks up , people are eager to try things that aren't normally on our menu and this item isn't on the menu so we've seen increased traffic from it, " says Balzaratti.

"It's going good really good, last weekend was really great " says Whaley.

Great deals attracting both locals and tourists.

"We're going to show them what dothan is about basically. Dothan is about hospitality. Letting those customers know that we appreciate them. Letting them know that we have some good stuff to feed them. Regardless if it's in this deli or in a steakhouse somewhere Dothan is a very good eatery place. Dothan, Alabama, little town but lots to eat, come out and join us folks," says Perez.

Other participating restaurants are Cactus Flower Cafe, Firestone Wood Fired Pizza and Grill, Geraldine's Southern Cooking, Nektar Cafe and Wine Bar and the Butchers Block.

Restaurants who would like to sign up can contact the Alabama Tourism Department at 334 242 4169.

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