Alabama Ranks 10th for Stolen Firearms

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The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives or ATF reports Alabama ranks 10th in the nation in the number of stolen firearms.

And pawn shops are trying to help police locate the missing property.

"We will turn you in a minute if you come in here with something stolen and we know it we've got too much of that going on in this town," said Tim Hawkins, owner of West Main Jewelry & Loan.

Pawn shop owners will not tolerate stolen merchandise, they say if you come in with it you will end up behind bars.

Police say thieves will do whatever it takes to get your property.

"A plethora of different ways it can be in their car that has been broken into or a person that can actually be a victim of an actually robbery and they may have it on them and they may get hit or beat up or something like that when it is taken from them," said Cpl. Maurice Eggleston of the Dothan Police Department.

Dothan Police make it a point to have a good relationship with local pawn and gun shops, helping them nab more criminals.

"We have a good rapport most of the gun shops and pawns shops to the point when something like that were to happen they are quick to notify us," said Cpl. Eggleston.

Notification that keeps stolen goods out of pawn shops.

"We don't want stolen merchandise of any kind whether it be a gun a diamond ring or anything else... we just need to stop all this stealing there is too much of it going on," said Hawkins.

Police also say a serial number, model number, color and any identifying marks are things gun owners should have written down just in case their gun is stolen.

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