Ala. Lawmakers Conside Legislation to put Religion Back in Schools

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Alabama lawmakers are considering legislation that would put religion back in schools.

The Alabama House recently approved a constitutional amendment that would allow the 10 Commandments to be displayed.

Another measure would have schools start each day by studying congressional procedures and have students say a congressional opening prayer.

The Houston County Board of Education says the bills may be unconstitutional.

Administrators say they must also make sure they don't promote any one religion.

"We can have prayer in Alabama's state public schools, a lot of the notion comes that it's not in our schools and that's the problem with our schools, no matter what their nationality or whatever their religious beliefs are but we can before and after student led," Asst. Test Coordinator Cas Haddock said.

Right now the bills have not passed both chambers.

However the school board says as things progress they will consult with their attorney.