Alabama Folk Artist Turns Trash into Treasure

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Some call it trash - "Somebody threw this away and it had one broken arm on it,” Butch Anthony said.

But one man's trash - “Somebody caught that fish right there and there's a CD stuck on its nose,” Anthony said.

Is another man's treasure - "Just whatever I find I turn it into something. I'm Butch Anthony from Seale, Alabama and I make stuff out of junk. This is the “Museum of Wonder,”” Anthony said.

The museum does exactly that, it makes you wonder what’s inside.

"When I was about 14 and found some dinosaur bones down in the creek and they were 65 million years old. I stuck them in this room here and had some airheads and things I found. People started coming around, one thing led to another and I started making art. It's a mixture of art and fossils so come on in,” Anthony said.

Inside these walls of wonder you can never be sure what you'll find.

"This is a giant fish. I call it the Euchee mermaid. This is cow bones I found out in the pastures and welded them together in a sculpture,” Anthony said.

"I try to freak them out a little bit. I draw skeletons over peoples family portraits and it makes it look better if you ask me but some people don't like it,” Anthony said.

Butch really likes what his toils & treasures have turned into.

"Not having to go to a 9-5 job. I can just sit here under this shed and fiddle on stuff and folks come from all over the world,” Anthony said.

Making money isn't his selling point though, there's no cost to explore the “Museum of Wonder”.

Although it can be hard to find for some people - "People would miss here and get lost so I figured up on the high way they could just drive through there."

That's how the “Museum of Mystery” came about off Highway 431 North.

"Mystery, they didn't know what that was,” Anthony said.

The mystery remains, how does Butch come up with his ideas?

“I don't know, a warped brain,” Anthony said.

Butch started an antique auction in Seale called the "Possum Trot.”

If you're looking for your own treasures, it’s every Friday night at 7 p.m. on Old Seale Highway.

For more information go to his website .