Alabama Firefighters Kick Off "Turn Your Attention to Fire Prevention" Campaign

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Alabama's fire deaths are rising at an alarming rate.

Alabama is 5th in the U.S. for residential fire deaths.

Not only that but in the first half of this year Alabama had 61 fire deaths, Compared to 81 for all of 2013.

To address those numbers, firefighters across the state are trying to teach the community about fire prevention.

The number one cause of home fires is unattended cooking.

The second is alternative sources of heat or open flames like candles.

Dothan Fire Department's Battalion Chief Chris Etheredge says when they do see someone lose their life to a fire, it sticks with them.

"We take it personal and we look for opportunities to learn from that experience. Our goal is that this never happens in our community again. We know that unfortunately it probably will but we're taking every effort to prevent that,” Etheredge said.

Etheredge says the first step to slowing these rates is to educate your children about fire safe behaviors and have a plan set in place in case of a fire.