Alabama Bans Sale of Some Motor Oils

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Montgomery, AL – The Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries’ Weights and Measures Division has issued a "NO SALE ORDER" on certain pre-packaged motor oils currently offered for sale in Alabama. These products have failed to meet the minimum quality standards when analyzed at the department’s petroleum lab. The lab is responsible for analyzing gas, diesel, kerosene and motor oil samples collected by Weights and Measures Inspectors during routine market checks and investigation of consumer complaints.

Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries John McMillan stated, “The department is committed to consumer protection and our staff is working diligently to remove these products from retail shelves.”

Once this NO SALE ORDER is issued, it is illegal to offer these products for sale in Alabama. It is recommended that retailers immediately remove these products from their shelves and contact their supplier. The department has been working closely with the Petroleum & Convenience Marketers of Alabama (P&CMA) to be sure retailers are informed of the NO SALE ORDER.

The following is a list of the affected products:

Bullseye 20W-50

Bullseye 10W-30

Bullseye 5W-30

Halco SAE 40

Accell SAE 30

All Black Knight engine lubricating oils

Some of the above listed products have been banned from sale in other states as well. Consumers who may have purchased these products are encouraged to cease using them. Anyone with information on what company or individual is importing these products into Alabama is encouraged to contact the Division of Weights and Measures at 334-240-7134 or the P&CMA office at 334-272-3800.

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