Ala. Middle School Student Suspended for Refusing to Take Standardized Tests

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HUNTSVILLE, AL - An Alabama middle school student has been suspended for refusing to take standardized tests.

14-year-old Alyssa McKinney is an 8th grader at Whitesburg Middle School in Huntsville.

She refused to take the SchoolNet benchmark test in March and was suspended for two days. When Alyssa returned to school, she was told she had to take the make-up exam. When she refused again, she was suspended for the rest of the day.

In April, Alyssa refused to take the school's STAR standardized testing. When her mom couldn't pick her up, she agreed to take the test but marked "C" for every question.

Alyssa's mom supported her daughter's stand against standardized testing.

Last month, the Alabama Department of Education offered parents the option of writing a letter to their school to opt children out of the ACT Aspire test.

Alyssa's mom took that option.