Air Force Recruits Visit Dothan High

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As the simulator door shut, Dothan High School students were in for one of the most educational rides of their lives.

“It was cool it was real fun it took you on a mission and it felt real.” 11th grade student Rayven Roth said.

“We brought out this thing called the rapid strike its more or less to get the student hands on and a first person realization of what the air force is about.” Staff sergeant Byron Blanchard said.

“It basically seeing what they did, how they did it, who did it, what controlled what, it was real cool.” Roth said.

Besides getting a better look at a career in the air force, the students also learned the other benefits about joining the military.

“It’s not only a great way to help pay for school but it gives you pride for your country and that’s a really good thing.” Dothan High School student Sydney Kirkland said.

“It is something they can choose for a future career, it’s more or less an extra took for their pockets, just something they can consider. They should always consider all of their avenues.” Blanchard said.

Students also got a chance to speak with the recruiter.
They say that meeting partnered with the simulator gives them a better understanding of a life in the military.

“It’s another door that seniors and juniors can look into other than college. I think going into the armed forces, not just the air force is great.” Roth said.

Staff sergeant Blanchard is available on Mondays for recruitment meetings.
For the dates, times and locations available, just go to w-t-v-y dot com.

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