After Alleged Dog Attack of Dothan Pastor, the Pets' Suspected Owner is Headed to Court

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After a group of dogs allegedly attacked a Dothan pastor in April, the suspected owner is headed to court.

Reverend Harold Mckissic says he was attacked by four dogs, when he was waking to Gussie Mcmillon Park.

Mckissic says he had to visit the doctor multiple times because of the attack.

The Dothan Police Department and Animal Control located the dogs' owner.

Now, she will be summoned to answer charges she violated a city ordinance that says dog owners can't let their pets wander around the city.

"Everything came together; it went exactly as we had hoped it would as planned. Reverend Mckissic and I went down yesterday and got the summons for the woman that owns the dogs. She had moved so it took us some time to track her down,” Sgt. Adrianne Woodruff said.

Violating the city ordinance can result in fines of up to $500 and prison time.

A trial date is set for July 7th.