Adult Education Students Receive Their GED

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What may seem like a piece of paper to some is a life-changing accomplishment for these fifty-three graduates.

"Life isn't easy but you've got to take every bit of that you can."

Cassidy Clevinger knows first hand how important an education can be. She began working on her general education diploma, nearly a decade after she dropped out of high school to help with her brother and sister. While pursuing her GED, Cassidy encouraged her mother to face her own fears of getting back in the classroom.

"I told my mom you need to go take it. I said, I'll help you study, I'll do whatever I need to go take it. She went and took it, we both passed our first try and I'm now enrolled in college and her hopefully soon."

For many, getting a GED doesn't mean getting recognition. But this step in education, means everything to these graduates.

Wallace offers one free college course after GED commencement as an incentive for graduates to continue their education.

Today's graduating class was represented by two sets of mother-daughter graduates, one brother and sister team, a husband and wife and two sisters.

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