Adams Glass Rebuilds from the Ashes

Pike County - Nearly one year ago Charles Adams and his family watched as their sixty year old business burned to the ground.

"First few hours I could not see rebuilding and trying to start Over at my age," said Adams.

But his family said that was no excuse.

"He's always got to be busy. We knew we had to getting back to getting started. I kind of jumped in there and help him get going," said Charles's son, David.

The family owned business began back in the 50s. That's when Charles's father opened his nut and candy stand between Brundidge and Clio.

After the fire, it took nearly three months just to remove the ashes.

Now, the studio is reopened with two shops under one roof. While this new building isn't any bigger, it's definitely better.

"It was a long time coming. I never thought it would take a year to do it. I'm just glad the day was here," said Charles.

Here you can find stained glass windows, Christmas ornaments, nativity scenes and sun catchers. It took a lot of long nights to fill the store with artwork, but family members say it was worth it.

"I'm glad this is finally here. We can keep going. We can have everyone come out and maybe make some new memories. Got the old memories from the old store Maybe there will be a lot of new memories here the store," said David.

There is also plenty of work from local artists. You can find Adam's Glass right on Highway 231 before you get to Troy.

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