Accidental Shooting Investigation

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The Bay County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call at 2605 Cypress Street on January 2, 2013 at about 11:48 p.m. in reference to the report of an accidental shooting.

Deputies responded to find the resident of the home, Blaine Justin Kendall, distraught at what he stated was the accidental shooting of a friend. Inside the home, deputies found the body of Thomas Reid Crawford. It appeared that Crawford had been shot.

Kendall stated he had been outside the residence and upon re-entering the home accidentally knocked over a shotgun, which fired, resulting in Crawford’s death.

After a forensic examination of physical evidence from the scene, it was determine the statement of events given by Kendall leading to the death of Crawford were inconsistent with the evidence. When confronted, Kendall gave a second sworn statement revising his account of the incident. Kendall now states he was holding the shotgun in his hands at the time it accidentally went off.

At this time, BCSO investigators believe the shooting was accidental. However, the case remains under investigation. Investigators with the Criminal Investigations Division continue to work with the BCSO Crime Scene Unit and the Medical Examiner to conduct a thorough forensic examination of the crime scene and the body.

Kendall, DOB 1/11/85, was arrested and charged with Providing False Information to Law Enforcement. He has been taken to the Bay County Jail for booking.

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