Above and Beyond Part 1: Military Working Dogs

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FORT RUCKER -- On Fort Rucker, service men and women are not the only ones in training, military police dogs also learn the tricks of the trade from their handlers.

The dog training takes place in the 6th MP Detachment on Fort Rucker. Each handler is assigned a dog to train. They are completely in charge of teaching that K-9 soldier every drill and task from start to finish.

Although it takes more than 40 hours a week, patience and commitment, the K-9 handlers said the outcome is worth the overtime.

"It's overwhelming sometimes when you get to see it happen and all that work and hard, long days that you've put into it and it finally does it one time and it's a great pay off," Sergeant 1st Class William Webster said.

The amount of time the dogs can serve depends on their stamina and approval from the veterinarian. A replacement K-9 soldier does begin training in place of another dog once it reaches nine years of age.

The military working dogs are brought to Fort Rucker from Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio.

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