Abbeville workshop on historic preservation

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State and local officials met today in Abbeville for a workshop on how to keep the historic flavor of a city through time.

The full day training session called CAMP is put on by the National Alliance of Preservation Commissions.

These sessions are a way for people to ask questions and learn about legal rights when it comes to preserving and adding to a city with historic buildings.

This is important for cities like Abbeville that strive to maintain their historic and small town feel.

“We don’t have an industry to bring people in. Economic development has told us that we need to find something that will draw people here as a destination, as a place to retire, as a place to visit, so we are trying to keep that small town flavor of Abbeville so we can draw people here," said Lucky Armstrong, Chairman of Abbeville Historic Preservation Commission.

This training sessions was sponsored by the Abbeville Historic Preservation Commission.

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