Abbeville Stabbing Victim's Mother Remembers Her Son on Mother's Day

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“It’s still like a nightmare. I wake up every morning hoping that it was a nightmare.”

Elaine Blackshire relives every mother's worst fear: losing a child.

“This morning, I woke up and I knew that he wouldn't come to the bedroom and go 'momma can I put some biscuits in the stove' or even say happy mother's day,” Blackshire expressed.

It's been almost one month since her 17-year-old son, Tyric, was stabbed to death at a block party in Abbeville. Police charged three suspects with murder, but Blackshire said the worst part is they were never enemies.

“When he walked away that night and they came after him, that’s just hard to imagine. He died a painful, brutal, gruesome, demonic, death. At the hands of kids who rode around in my van, ate in my kitchen, and played in my yard with him,” she snapped.

Friends and family poured into her front yard to remember, who many describe, as one of a kind.

“Tyric was a special individual. He was a leader, he had integrity, he was real, and he was a sensitive person,” said Akbar Grace, a close friend.

Rockeem Holmes, another close friend, said “I know I’m going to cry at my graduation because I know he won't be there so I just want to tell him I love him and miss him like a brother.”

“He was exciting, he was fun. My children acted like it was Christmas every time they saw Tyric, and he is truly missed,” explained Sharon Williams, Tyric’s cousin.

Blackshire feels pity for the kids who took her son's life.

“I don’t see how any one of them sleeps at night,” she whispered.

For Elaine Blackshire, it was an unforgettable Mother's Day, but for the wrong reasons.

“I wouldn't want any other mother out there, to go through what I’m going through now with the loss of my child.”

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