Abbeville Special Education Seniors Get a "Sweet Ride"

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Teachers wanted to make sure one group of graduating seniors always remembers their last days at school .

Seven special education seniors from Abbeville High School were treated to a day on the town.

They started their morning off with a limo ride taround Henry County and then they made a stop at Headland Middle School where they were greeted by dozens of cheering students.

They then drove to Dothan to have lunch.

Educators say this group of students deserved a memorable day.

"These students have been in school with us ever since they were in kindergarten and they are 21 so they are graduating from us so we are truly miss them they have been an honor and to be here and i will truly miss them as they embark on and move on to other endeavors," said Darryl Brooks, principal at Abbeville High School.

Most of the seniors have plans to continue school and take adult education classes.

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